The Eagles Hotel California Guitar Lesson

Hotel California by the Eagles is undoubtedly one of the greatest classic rock songs of all time and one of the Eagles most popular songs.  Hotel California is the title song from the album Hotel California and was released as a single back in the late 70’s.  When people think of the Eagles, the first song to come to mind will probably be this one.

The folks over at Wikipedia do an excellent job of explaining the history behind this song.  Its a great read and you should head on over when you have time by clicking here.

It is no wonder why so many guitarists find this song irresistible to play.  This song is a bit more advanced  and may not be a good song for beginners just starting out, but with practice, anything is possible. You be the judge….

These lessons include everything from the intro to the guitar solos  If you scroll down past the video, you will also find links to chords and lyrics.  Enjoy!

Video Guitar Lessons

A big thanks to the folks over at LickLibrary.Com for making this video lesson available! You can learn more about LickLibrary by clicking the banner below.  This site is awesome and definitely worth checking out if you are serious about learning guitar.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Additional Resources:

Hotel California Chords (with lyrics) Version 1

Hotel California Chords (with lyrics – easier version) Version 2


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