Buffalo Springfield For What its Worth Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the song For What It’s Worth as performed by Buffalo Springfield.  This song was written by Stephen Stills and performed by Buffalo Springfield.  It was released in 1967. You can learn more about this song by reading the article about it on Wikipedia.

This is a very easy song to play for all you beginners out there.  You will only need to know four chords for this song. They are all basic beginner chords played in the same general location on the guitar neck:  E MajorA MajorD Major and C Major.

Video Guitar Lessons

As performed by Buffalo Springfield in 1967:

Additional Resources

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For What Its Worth  Guitar Tab

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  1. RingoShort says

    Buffalo Springfield on the title, and visual… Creed on the audio..
    That’s JUST what I wanted to hear.

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