C#m6 Guitar Chord Lesson

Below is a free tutorial that will teach you how to play the C#m6 guitar chord.  Included are several chord charts that will demonstrate how to play this chord at different locations of your guitar.  You can skip right down to the chord charts and start learning how to play them right away, or you can stick around for a bit of theory. This chord comes from the C# Major Scale.  Here are the … [Read more...]

Dadd9 Guitar Chord for Beginners

Learn how to play the Dadd9 Guitar Chord with this beginner tutorial.  This chord is taken from the D Major Scale:  D, E, F#, G, A, B, and C#.  To form this chord, we need the 1st, 5th and 9th positions or the notes D, A and E.   This is an easy, straightforward beginner chord that you should have no trouble playing. Scroll down a bit and you will find a diagram that shows exactly how to play … [Read more...]

C#9 Guitar Chord Lesson

In this lesson, you will learn how to play the C#9 Guitar Chord (also known as C Sharp 9).  There are three voicings of this chord pictured below in the charts.  All three of these variations are suited for intermediate to advanced players, so if you are a beginners, you may find this a bit challenging.  This doesn't mean you should attempt these chords.  I am only saying this so you don't get … [Read more...]

Learn how to Play the Am9 Guitar Chord

Learn how to play the Am9 Guitar Chord (also known as A minor 9, A Minor 9th) with this free tutorial.  This is an advanced lesson.  If you would like to learn a beginner version of this chord, follow this link for an easy Am9 guitar chord. In order to find the notes that make up this particular chord, we need to take the 1, b3, 5 , b7, 9  steps of the A Major Scale: A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#. … [Read more...]

A Dominant 7 Guitar Chord Lesson

Learn how to Play the A7 Guitar Chord We covered an easy beginner version of the A7 Guitar Chord on this site in the past.  In this post, we will look at some advanced voicings for the A Dominant 7th chord. The A7 chord is a very popular one, especially in blues guitar. In order to find the notes that make up this chord, we need to look at the A Major Scale: A B C# D E F# G# A.  From this … [Read more...]

E add 11 Guitar Chord Lesson

Learn how to play the Eadd11 guitar chord with this free tutorial.  To form this chord, we need to take the 1,3,5 and 11 positions from the E Major Scale: E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, and D#.  When we do this, we come up with the notes:  E, G#, B and A.  The E add 11 chord is just the E Major Chord with an added A note (the 11th step of the E Major Scale).  Hence the name, E Add11.  This chord sounds more … [Read more...]

Learn a New Strumming Pattern & Chord Progression for Acoustic Guitar

Here is another great lesson taught by David Taub with Next Level Guitar.  I feature a lot of videos from these folks and with good reason.  I believe David and the folks over at Next Level Guitar are a group of excellent guitar instructors.  Their lessons are easy to follow and you can tell its not just about business.  They have a passion for playing guitar and a sincere interest in helping … [Read more...]

Fmaj7#11 Guitar Chord Lesson

Learn how to Play the Fmaj7#11 Guitar Chord In this post, you will be learning how to play the Fmaj7#11 guitar chord (also known as Fmaj7(#11)).  This chord sounds a lot more difficult than it really is.  It is not really an advanced chord, but I wouldn't classify it as a beginner one either.  It is sort of in between your basic open chord and a barre chord.  This is a beautiful sort of dark and … [Read more...]

Guitar Chord Switching Tips & Techniques for Beginners

In this post you will discover some great tips, techniques and exercises that will help you switch between your basic beginner open guitar chords easier and faster.  In order to become better at this, you need to learn some tricks of the trade as well as put in the proper amount of practice time.  Eventually, learning how to switch between chords will become second nature. The very first thing … [Read more...]