Hosanna By Hillsong Guitar Tutorial

Learn how to play Hosanna by Hillsong with this free guitar lesson.  This song, originally complicated for beginners, has been greatly simplified in this guitar lesson below.  Instead of the difficult barre chords needed to play this song, the instructor in the video below demonstrates how to play this song using power chords instead.  Enjoy this Christian Guitar Song Lesson!

Video Lesson

A big thanks to Jon for making this video lesson available.  You can learn more about Jon and watch more of his guitar videos over at his YouTube page.

As performed by Hillsong:

Additional Resources

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  1. Katie says

    You have made me feel so encouraged to take another step forward with playing the guitar! This is SO good. You are such a good teacher and your way is helping me to really get it!!
    I have been sitting in the same spot with guitar for around 2 years! A little discouraged in not really being able to play the bar chords, but now… so different!!!

    Thankyou so much!!!

    Katie :)

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