How to Keep Your Electric or Acoustic Guitar in Tune

In this video David Taub from Next Level Guitar provides some excellent tips on keeping your guitar in tune. Many beginners often get frustrated and blame their guitars thinking there is something mechanically wrong. This may be, but more often then not, it is a problem with the guitarist and not the guitar.

So what kind of mistakes do beginners normally make when tuning their guitar? In this video David talks about some of the common mistakes beginners make. One of the biggest is the way beginners manipulate the tuning pegs. There is a right and wrong way to do this as David explains below.

Another big mistake beginners make is not changing their strings often enough. After playing your guitar for a while, your strings will pick up the oils, dirt and salts in your fingers and hands, which will deaden your strings and cause them to go out of tune easier.

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How to Keep Your Electric or Acoustic Guitar in Tune

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  1. Mike says

    Excellent lesson, I have been retuning my guitar at least 5 or 6 times a week, and I am willing to bet this is why :)

  2. anna says

    thanks for the tips… I am a newbie…..nice for you to pass on your experience… Anna

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