Learn How To Play Broken by Lifehouse

Learn how to play “Broken” by Lifehouse with this free guitar lesson.  “Broken” is off the album Who We Are and was released in 2008.  This song reached #95 on the Bilboard Hot 100 Chart.  You can read more about this song over at Wikipedia.

This is a really simplified version of this song for the absolutel beginner.  I really like the way Marty broke down this song.  For this particular lesson, you will need a capo on the first fret.  If you aren’t sure what a capo is or how to use one, follow this link for a post on how to use a guitar capo.

This is a very easy song to play.  You will only need to know basic beginner chord shapes and they are:  C Major, A Minor and  G Major,

“Broken” by Lifehouse Guitar Video Lesson

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As Performed by Lifehouse

Additional Resources

Download the Easy Acoustic Songs Course from GuitarJamz!

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Broken Guitar Chords

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