How to Play Breathe by Pink Floyd on Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to play the song “Breathe” by Pink Floyd with this free video guitar tutorial taught by Marty Schwartz with

This song was a collaborative effort amongst the members of the band with Richard Wright and David Gilmour writing the music and Roger Waters writing the Lyrics.  It is from the 1973 Album “Dark Side of the Moon”, one of my favorites.

This song has some easy beginner chords but there are also some rather challenging ones mixed in there as well.   Do not shy away from this song because of the more challenging chords.  If you never challenge yourself, you will never improve past the beginner phase, so give this song a try.

Here are the chords you will need to know to play this song:

Chords:  E Minor, A7, CMaj7, BMin7, FMaj7, G Major, D7#9, D7b9

Enjoy the lesson!

Guitar Lesson

As Performed by Pink Floyd