Learn Open G Tuning on Acoustic Guitar

The goal from this lesson and from all of David’s teaching over at Next Level Guitar is to teach this stuff in a way that is enjoyable and musical which makes learning fun.  These lessons also get your creative juices flowing so that you may be able to one day write your own songs.

Today we have an awesome lesson from David Taub directed at all you beginners out there.  David is going to introduce you to the wonderful world of alternate guitar tuning.  You are going to be amazed at how quickly and easily you are going to be able to play music in this particular tuning.

The particular tuning you will be learning today is called “Open G Tuning”. When we say “Open Tuning”, all this means is that when you strum the strings open, without fretting any notes, it will play whatever chord that particular tuning is in. For instance, in this particular lesson you will be learning Open G Tuning, so when you strum the open strings, it will play a “G Major” chord.

Open G Tuning is a very popular alternate tuning. A lot of great bands use this particular tuning. Bands like Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, have all used Open G with their songs. You can get some really great sounds with it.

Apart from showing you how to tune your guitar to Open G, David will also show you how to play chords and progressions using this alternate tuning. Enjoy!