Gloria by Van Morrison Guitar Lesson

In this lesson you will be learning how to play the song “Gloria” by Van Morrison.   This lesson is taught by the one and only Marty Schwartz with

Gloria was written by Van Morrison but was actually recorded by Van Morrison’s band “Them”.  It was recorded in 1964 and released as a single on the B side of “Baby Please Don’t Go”.

This is a great classic rock song aimed at all of you beginners out there.

The chords you will need to know for this particular song are E Major, D Major, A Major,

Here is the strumming pattern for this song:


Make certain that you are playing this extremely slowly in the beginning.  This is very important.  Do not try to rush through the chord progression until you are able to play without error.

Marty has some other great tips and advice in this lesson so be sure to tune in to the video below.


Video Lesson