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Hello fellow guitarist. My name is Ralph and I am webmaster and founder of Learn-Acoustic-Guitar.com.

I started this website back in 2006 because I felt there was a shortage of quality acoustic guitar lessons online.

I know you are passionate about learning to play the acoustic guitar and my hope is that this site will become your favorite resource.

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If  you would like to get a jump start on your acoustic guitar learning I highly recommend you check out Learn and Master Guitar from Legacy Learning Systems.

Learn & Master Guitar

Learn and master guitar is an all-inclusive easy to understand instructional guitar series that is designed to take the absolute beginner through the most fundamental concepts of guitar playing.

Learning how to play guitar can be intimidating. It is such a broad topic with so many different things to learn and practice.

What you really need is high-quality, step-by-step video instruction that takes you from beginner (or intermediate) all the way through to advanced instruction. A thirty-minute “Learn Guitar Overnight” video isn’t going to do it, and advanced instructional videos are usually too specialized and they often assume that you know more than you do.

That’s not a problem for Learn and Master Guitar from Legacy Learning Systems, because it is a complete step-by-step video based instructional course that takes you from any skill level, all the way through the advanced skills training used by the pros.

If you are a little experienced thats ok too. You can skip right through the basics and get straight into the more advanced training.

Printed materials alone, when not accompanied by detailed video instruction, can leave you frustrated and confused. Software-based instruction is cumbersome and difficult to use. Private instruction is costly and inconvenient. And perhaps worst of all, none of these methods are really any fun!

Learn and Master Guitar is the winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players’ Choice Awards, two Telly Awards and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, Learn & Master Guitar is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. It consists of 20 professionally produced DVDs, 5 Jam-Along CDs, a 100+ page lesson book, and a free online student support site. It is the only guitar home study product you’ll ever need. The only thing you need to do is practice!