How to Play Just Give me a Reason by Pink on Guitar

Learn how to play the song  “Just Give Me a Reason” on acoustic guitar with this free video lesson taught by Marty Schwartz.

This song was written and recorded by Pink featuring Nate Ruess.  It is from Pink’s 6th studio album entitled “The Truth About Love” released in 2012.  The song enjoyed success here in the States as well as abroad in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy to name a few.  It was Pink’s third solo number one hit  on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  You can read more about this song over at Wikipedia.

Video Tutorial

Here is a popular easy acoustic guitar song for you to learn today. The name of the song is “Just give me a reason” and it’s by Pink. Marty Schwartz is your instructor and you can follow along with the lesson by watching the video above.

This is a fairly easy song. It is comprised of mostly beginner guitar chords with the exception of only one barre chord. So this is a great song to kind of take you out of that “beginner” zone into some intermediate guitar playing. So don’t click away from this page because you heard the words “barre chord”. Give this song a try and challenge yourself and take your guitar playing to a new level.

The chords you will need to know are: E Minor, A Major, D Major, G Major, C Major, C/B (this chords sounds much harder than it really is. All you need to do is play a regular C Major chord ,then remove your ring finger and then place your middle finger up to the second fret of the A String. Marty will demonstrate exactly how to do it in the video tutorial.), A Minor and the B Minor Barre Chord.

There is a lso a little lick to play which isn’t very difficult at all but if you are an absolute beginner, you can skip the lick and just play the chords. Marty will teach you how to play the lick in the video. IF you are an absolute beginner and you are feeling adventurous, by all means give it a try! It really isn’t difficult to be honest.

Marty will go over the chord progression and rhythm and other details of the song in the video. Tune in and learn this song now! I hope you enjoy.

As Performed by Pink