The Cure Love Song Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “Love Song” by The Cure, with this free guitar lesson.  Guy and girls, you can learn this easy song to impress your significant other. This song, written and performed by The Cure, was released as the the third single from their eight album entitled Disintegration.  It was released in 1989 and saw more success in the US than in Great Britain.   You can learn more about this song over at Wikipedia.


The chords you will need for this song are all basic for the most part, and chords you should already be familiar with:  A Minor, G Major, F Major, E Minor 7, C Major.  I know, you saw the F Major and immediately felt the urge to close this window and look for another song to learn.  Don’t do it!  If you keep avoiding this chord, you will never progress as a guitar player.  Here is a great post I put together not long ago on an easy way to play the F Major Chord.

Video Guitar Lesson

A big thanks to Your Guitar Sage, for making this video lesson available.  You can view more of his videos and learn more about Your Guitar Sage by visiting his YouTube Page.

Original as Performed by The Cure

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