Turn the Page by Bob Seger Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger with this free  guitar lesson.  This song was originally released in 1973 on Bob Seger’s Back in ’72 Album.  The Album version never really become popular.  It wasn’t until he released a live version of “Turn the Page” in 1976 on his Live Bulletalbum, that the song became popular and is still played quite often on classic rock radio stations to this day.  You can learn more about this song by clicking here to read the article on Wikipedia.

This is another easy song for all you beginners out there.  You will only need to know four basic beginner chords:  E Minor, A Major, D Major and C Major.  Click each hyperlinked chord for lessons on how to play them.

Video Lesson

A big thanks to Aaron for putting this two part video guitar lesson together.  Check out his YouTube page for a lot more awesome videos.

As Performed By Bob Seger

Additional Resources

Click here for more information on this song from Wikipedia

Turn The Page Chords and Lyrics

Turn The Page Guitar Tab

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  1. Mike says

    I love this site, its really helping me teach myself 😛 I should be good in no time! 5 hours a day. Great add I love this song, especially the Metallica version.

  2. says

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm!

    I am happy you are enjoying the site and learning so much.

    Keep up the great work and keep practicing!

    All The Best!

    – Ralph

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