10 Essential Guitar Practice Exercises For Beginners

Becoming a better guitar player requires lots and lots of practice, that much is obvious. But figuring out how to practice can be a bit of a challenge.   I believe you will find the following post very helpful.  Below are 10 awesome guitar practice exercises that you can fit into your daily practice routine.

These guitar practice exercises target a variety of different areas including finger strength and dexterity, soloing, barre chords and more.  Some of the videos below are demonstrated on electric guitars, but you can do the same exercises on acoustic guitar.

Practice Exercise 1 – Justin Sandercoes’s  Finger Gym

The practice routine below is a brilliant one from Justin Sandercoe.  This exercise alone will greatly improve your guitar playing. This routine really works out your hands and fingers, so in the beginning, you may tire quickly. This is normal. The more you do this exercise, the longer you will be able to last.

Visit Justin’s YouTube Profile Here for more great video lessons

Practice Exercise 2 – Chord Change Exercise

This exercise will give you practice playing and changing between your basic, but essential open chords.

Learn more about this guitar practice routine here

Practice Exercise 3 – 7 Strumming Patterns & Techniques for Acoustic Guitar

Learning how to properly strum your acoustic guitar does not come easy to all of us.  The video lessons on the following page will hopefully make you a strumming master.  Add these strumming exercises to your practice routine today.

Follow this link to reach this post on strumming patterns & techniques for acoustic guitar

Practice Exercise 4 – Pentatonic Scale Pattern Practice For Solos

This is a great practice exercise from Marty Schwartz that will show you how to get more out of your scales. This is great practice if you want to play lead guitar.

Practice Exercise 5 – Finger Dexterity Exercise

This practice exercise has multiple benefits.  It builds strength and dexterity and helps familiarize yourself with the guitar fretboard.

Watch more of Anthony’s videos over at his YouTube Page

Practice Exercise 6 – Barre Chord Changing Exercise

Here is a great exercise from Next Level Guitar to help you practice those challenging barre chords.

Practice Exercise 7 – Strength &  Dexterity Exercise For Solos

Here is another great exercise from Next Level Guitar for building finger strength and dexterity for soloing.

Practice Exercise 8 – Right Hand Picking Exercise

This exercise is great for practicing your right hand picking.  Its made especially for Bluegrass Guitar, but it will benefit any guitar player of any genre.

See more of Adam’z guitar videos over at his YouTube Page.

Practice Exercise 9 – Collection of Great Warmup Exercises

Here is a collection of excellent warm up exercises for guitar. Several of these exercises are done without a guitar, so you can do them anywhere, which is a real plus for those of us who are on the go or don’t always have the time to devote to practice.

See more of Rob’s videos over at his YouTube Page

Practice Exercise 10 – Paul Gilbert Speed Building Exercise

Here is a great exercise for building up speed on the guitar.