7 Easy Country Guitar Songs – Learn to Play Country Songs With The Guitar

Hi fellow country guitar enthusiast. Do you want to learn to play country guitar? Well then, sit back, grab your guitar and get ready to learn how. Below are a handful of  great country music songs, 7 to be exact. The following  songs were chosen because of their popularity and because they are relatively easy to play, assuming you put the necessary practice time in.

I hope you find these  songs enjoyable.  Be certain to take things slow in the beginning.  No matter how quickly the original song is played, always remember to go slowly at first until you are playing everything correctly.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to rush and play too quickly.  This ultimately will only lead to poor guitar playing.  Eventually after playing these songs for a certain period of time, it will become second nature to you.  Whatever you do, do not become frustrated with your guitar playing.  Enjoy !

I make no promises as to the accuracy of any of these Lessons, chords, lyrics or other information on this page. I tried to include the original version of each song so that you can make any adjustments if needed.

Easy Country Guitar Song 1

Strawberry Wine By Deana Carter

Easy Country Guitar Song 2

Take me Home, Country Roads By John Denver

Easy Country Guitar Song 3

You’ll think of me By Keith Urban

Easy Country Guitar Song 4

You Just Can’t See Him From The Road By Chris Ledoux

Easy Country Guitar Song 5

I can still make Cheyenne By George Strait

Easy Country Guitar Song 6

Easy Come, Easy Go By George Strait

Easy Country Guitar Song 7

Teardops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift