Acoustic Guitar Lesson – New Fingerpicking Pattern

Below is a cool fingerpicking lesson for acoustic guitar from instructor Lisa McCormick with

This pattern starts off with a basic open G Major Chord. You begin by playing the sixth string of the G Chord with your thumb, followed by the first string with your middle finger, third string with your thumb and second string with your index finger.

This pattern will of course change slightly as your go through the chord progression. When you play the next chord in this progression, the C Major chord, instead of playing the sixth string as your base note, you will now be playing the fifth string.

When playing the D Major chord, the fourth string becomes your bass note. All other parts of this fingerpicking pattern will remain the same throughout this chord progression.

Lisa then spices things up a bit by playing some variations of these basic open chords, making things a bit more challenging.  Watch the video below to learn more!

Thanks to the folks over at Guitar Tricks for this free video lesson.  Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular sites for online video guitar lessons. What sets them apart from the rest is their curriculum of 1500 videos, that starts from the very beginning from “How Do I Hold a Pick?” to advanced courses that cover blues, rock and country. Read more about GuitarTricks.Com Here.