Advanced Guitar Chord Lesson – Learn to Play F7

The F7 Guitar Chord is often referred to as a Blues chord. Once you learn to play it, you will understand why. It just has a real bluesy sound to it. This chord is a barre chord and a bit more advanced than the other easier blues chords like the A7, E7 or C7 chords.  If you haven’t been playing guitar all that long, you may find barre chords challenging at first.


If you need help with barre chords, click the links below for two great lessons on this subject:

Beginners Guide to Mastering Barre Chords

The F7 Chord is found by first locating the 1(root note), 3 and 5 positions (F, A and C) of the F  Major Scale: F, G, A, B Flat, C, D, and E, and then adding a flat 7 note. To locate the flat 7 note, we first find the 7th note of the F Major scale (E) and then go back a 1/2 step to the E Flat. The F7 guitar chord chart below will help you better understand how to play this chord.

So the notes of the F7 Chord are: F, A, C and E Flat .

Here is a key that will help you read the chart:

Guitar Chord Chart Key

F7 Guitar Chord

Chord Playing Tip: Be sure that you are pressing down on the string hard enough. You should play each string one at a time to make sure you have a nice clean sound. If any of the strings buzz or sound muted, then something is not right.

F7 Barre Chord Video Demonstration