Advanced Guitar Chord Lesson – Learn to Play F9

The F9 Guitar Chord (also known as F Dominant 9, F Dominant 9th, F Dominant Ninth) is often referred to as a Jazz chord. Just play it using the chord diagrams below and you will instantly see why .

The F Dominant 9 Chord is found by locating the 1, 3, 5,b7 and 9 (F, A, C, Eb and G) positions of the F Major Guitar Scale: F, G, A, Bb, C, D, and E

So the notes of the F9 Chord again are: F, A, C, Eb and G .

This is not an easy chord to play, so hang in there and keep practicing.   I am going to share a couple of different versions for this Advanced Jazz Chord below using handy, easy to read chord charts.

Here is a key that will help you read the chart:

Guitar Chord Chart Key

Chord Playing Tip: Be sure that you are pressing down on the string hard enough. You should play each string one at a time to make sure you have a nice clean sound. If any of the strings buzz or sound muted, then something is not right.