Alternating Bass Fingerstyle Guitar Technique For Beginners

In this free video guitar lesson from, Instructor Orville Johnson teaches the alternating bass style of picking for acoustic guitar, using a popular song called Railroad Bill.

As Orville points out in the video lesson below, the alternating bass technique is similar to the way someone plays piano. With piano, a pianist plays the bass line with one hand and the melody with the other. This is similar to what you will be doing with this technique and this song. The way you will do this is by playing the bass line with your thumb and use the rest of your fingers to finger the chord and play the melody.

This is a great introduction to the Alternating Bass Fingerstyle Technique. Orville takes things nice and slow so that any beginner can follow along.

The chords you will need to know for this lesson are C Major, E Major, F Major (Orville plays the F Major chord a bit different than you may be used to.  He hooks his thumb around and plays the first fret of the sixth string. He demonstrates how to do this in the video below) and G7.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson – Alternating Bass

A big thanks to the folks over at Jamplay for sharing this awesome video guitar lesson on Alternating Bass.

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