Awesome Guitar Speed Building Exercise

Today I am featuring another excellent video tutorial from GuitarJamz, that I found on good ol’ YouTube.  The lesson is taught by Tony Brucco. If you aren’t familiar with Tony, I  highly recommend you check out his Website.  While you are there, be sure to check out his debut album “DreamBox”.  You can listen to the  album right from his site or  for a small fee, you can download or order a copy.  Anyway, back to the lesson…

Tony is going to talk about a very effective guitar speed building exercise, one that he has been using for years and as you will see by watching the video below, it works.  This exercise will build speed, agility and strength while familiarizing you with the entire fretboard of your guitar.  It also gives you practice with your picking.  It is just a great all around exercise that every guitarist should incorporate into their practice routine, no matter what your skill level is. Its a fairly simple chromatic exercise.  Watch the video below to learn exactly how its done.  Remember to go very slow in the beginning until you get this exercise under your fingers.

Another thing Tony recommends you do while  performing this exercise is to sing the notes.  Tony says this helps you hear the notes better and will help fine tune that musical ear of yours.

Guitar Speed Building Exercise