E Minor Guitar Chord Lesson for Beginners

The E Minor Chord (also known as Em) is found by locating the 1, b3 and 5 steps of the  E Major Scale: E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, and D#, or the notes E, G and B.  The “b3” symbol translates to “Flattened 3rd” , which means we simply lower the 3rd step of the E Major Scale (G#) a 1/2 step to an “G”.  The E Minor Chord is one of the easiest chords you will ever learn to play and also one of the most beautiful sounding ones.

E Minor Chord notes: E G B

Here is a key that will help you read the chart:

Basic Guitar Chords Chart Key
Learn the E Minor Guitar Chord

Just like all other chords, make certain that you are pushing your fingers down firmly on the strings. Play each string one at a time to see if the strings are producing a clean sound.

E Minor Guitar Chord Video