Bbm6 Guitar Chord Lesson

The Bbm6 Guitar Chord (also known as B Flat Minor 6, A#m6) is found in the Bb Major Scale.

Here are the notes of this scale:  Bb C, D, Eb, F, G, and A.

We need 4 notes from the above scale in order to form our Bbm6 guitar chord.  So which notes and how do we find them?

It is pretty simple really.  We just need to apply a little formula.  That formula looks like this: 1, b3, 5 and 6.   This simply means that we take the 1st, flattened 3rd, 5th and 6th steps of the Bb Major Scale.  You are probably saying, “I get the 1st,  5th and 6th part, but what about the little “b” in front of the 3, what is that all about?”  It’s simple.  For the “b3” we just grab the 3rd step of this scale (D) and we flatten it, or go back 1/2 step to our “Db”.

So when you put everything together, we come up with the notes: Bb, Db, F and G.  These are the notes that make up our B Flat Minor 6 Guitar Chord.

There are 3  voicings of  the Bbm6 chord pictured below in the chord diagrams.  These versions of this chord are for intermediate to advanced guitarists but if you are an absolute beginner, by all means give these chords a go.  It is always a good idea to constantly challenge yourself in order to bring your guitar playing to a new level.

Here is a key that will help you read the charts:

Guitar Chord Chart Key