Learn a New Chord Progression for Acoustic Guitar

Here is a awesome new chord progression for you to learn today using  basic beginner guitar chords that you are probably already familiar with.  This is a beautiful progression and very reminiscent of classic rock.


If you are just starting out on acoustic guitar, then this particular chord progression may be new to you.  Most beginners stay within their comfort zone playing the same chord progressions over and over again.  The point of this particular lesson is to break you out of that comfort zone and give you something new to try.  The only way you are going to get better at guitar is if you try something new and challenging.  You won’t progress if you continually play things that come easy to you.

Here is the chord progression in the correct order:   G Major, GMaj7, C Major, E Minor, D Major, G Major.

The only chord that may give you some trouble is the GMaj7.  This is a slightly awkward shape if you never played it before.  David Taub from Next Level Guitar does a great job of walking you through it though.  Enjoy!

New Chord Progression For Guitar – Video Lesson

A big thanks to David Taub from Next Level Guitar for providing this free acoustic guitar video lesson.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Next Level Guitar, then I Highly recommend you visit their website after you are done watching the video below.  They have over 785 online guitar lessons and for a small fee (worth every penny!),  you can become a member today! Check out my review of  Next Level Guitar Here !