Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – The Chord Workout

If you are like most beginners, then you are probably having difficulty with your chord changes. You can play the chord just fine, but when it comes time to switching between chords, things start to get messy.  Sound familiar?

I found this great little video from GuitarJamz hosted by Tony Brucco. In this free acoustic guitar video lesson, Tony demonstrates a great little practice exercise he has coined “The Chord Workout”. Once you see it and put it into practice, you will see why its called a “Workout”.

Its a very simple exercise but very powerful at developing muscle memory and strengthening your hands.

Important – As Tony points out in the video tutorial below, make sure you are practicing these chord changes VERY SLOWLY. Slow is your best friend when you are a beginner. How slow? Slow enough to where you are able to switch between chords without error. Then you can gradually speed up.

Watch the lesson below to learn more….

Acoustic Guitar Video Tutorial – “The Chord Workout”

Thanks Guitar Jamz!

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