Better Together – Easy Jack Johnson Song For Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to play the song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson with this free acoustic guitar lesson.  “Better Together” is from the album In Between Dreams and was released in  2005. “Better Together” the single, was then released in 2006.


If you are familiar with how the original song is played, you will appreciate how easy this version is in comparison. This version uses power chords instead of the more complicated barre chords.  It really makes a big difference.  Click here for a more thorough lesson on guitar power chords along with a chart for each chord.

Better Together Guitar Lesson Part 1

A big thanks to Micah for making this awesome guitar lesson on Better Together by Jack Johnson.  You can learn more about him and view more of his guitar videos over at his YouTube Page.

Better Together Guitar Lesson Part 2

Better Together Guitar Lesson Part 3

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