Easy Acoustic Guitar Song – Blind Melon – Change

Learn How to Play “Change” by Blind Melon

Learn how to play the song “Change” by Blind Melon with this easy acoustic guitar song lesson.

To play along with this particular lesson you will need to know the following easy beginner chords and they are:  A Major, G Major and D Major.  You should have no problem with these chords if you have been playing for a while.  If you are still having trouble, just click the links above to reach lessons on each chord.

The next step to playing this song is learn the strumming pattern.  Marty, the instructor in the video lesson below, teaches this song with the following strumming pattern:  D D D D U U U D U D U  with the “D” standing for “Down” and the “U” standing for “Up”.

There are some other funky embellishments that Marty demonstrates in the song below that may be a little challenging for you.  If you cannot do it, don’t sweat it, just play the chords.  You will see what I am talking about after watching the video.


“Change” by Blind Melon Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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“Change” as Performed by Blind Melon

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