D7sus4 Guitar Chord

The D7sus4 guitar Chord is an easy one to play and is found by  locating the 1, 4, 5  and b7 positions (D, G, A and C) of the D Major Scale: D E F# G A B C# D.  The “b7” symbol translates to a “flattened 7th”.  This means that we find the 7th position of the D Major scale, “C#”, and we flatten it by a 1/2 step to a “C”.

So the notes of the D7sus4 Chord are: D, G, A and C

See the chord diagram below.

Here is a key that will help you read the chart:

Guitar Chord Chart Key

D7sus4 Video Lesson

The video below will further demonstrate how to correctly play the D7sus4 Chord. Enjoy!

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