Pink Floyd Mother Guitar Lesson

Here is another easy guitar song for you Pink Floyd fans.  This song is called “Mother” and it is off the album The Wall , which is one of Pink Floyd’s most popular albums.  Mother is probably one of their easiest songs to play as it only uses four chords, and these chords are all basic.

The only chord you may struggle with is the F Chord.  If you do not already have the F chord down, check out this lesson for an easier way to play the F chord.

The chords you will need to know for this song are: G Major, C Major, D Major and F Major.  Click the links for a lesson on how to play each one.  Links will open in a new window.

Video Guitar Lesson

A huge thanks goes out to “Dave The Guitar Guy” for making this lesson available!  You can learn more about Dave and view more of his videos at his YouTube Page by clicking this link.  Dave has been playing guitar for over 30 years and is  completely self taught.  He enjoys sharing his lessons with other guitarists so head on over to his page when you have time.

As Performed by Pink Floyd

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