Easy Guitar Song – Wild World by Cat Stevens

Learn how to play the song “Wild World” by Cat Stevens with this free guitar lesson.  This song was written and recorded by Cat Stevens and was released on his fourth album entitled “Tea for the Tillerman“ in 1970.  This song is by far one of Cat’s most well known hit songs and became quite popular both in the US and United Kingdom.

This is a fairly easy song to play, but it has a lot of chords and the chords change pretty fast. It will take a good amount of practice to get the changes down, but you can do it!

The chords are all basic beginner chords that you probably already know and they are:  A Minor, D7, G Major, C Major, F Major, D Minor, E Major,

Wild World Video Guitar Lesson

A big thanks to Marty Scwartz for making this video lesson available.  You can view more of Marty’s awesome guitar (over 300 of them!) videos over at his YouTube Page.

As Performed by Cat Stevens

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