Feeling Alright by Dave Mason Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play Feelin’ Alright (Also Known as “Feeling Alright”)  with this free  guitar lesson. This song was written by Dave Mason of the band “Traffic” and was off their album “Traffic ” released in 1968.  Being the great song that this is, it was also covered by a number of other musicians including Joe Cocker and Grand Funk Railroad to name a few.

This song is a very easy to learn and play.  It only requires you to play two chords.  Now, there are a couple of different ways to play this song.  You can either use the C7F7 chord progression (More advanced), or an E7A7 chord progression (Much Easier)  also works quite nicely.  Whatever you feel more comfortable using, then go for it!

Video Lesson From You Tube

A big thanks to Richard who created the video lesson below.  You can check out more of Richard’s videos over at his YouTube Page.

As Performed by Dave Mason at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

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