First Cut is the Deepest Guitar Tutorial – Sheryl Crow

Learn how to play the song “The First Cut Is the Deepest “ as performed by Sheryl Crow. This song was actually written by Cat Stevens and originally released by P.P. Arnold in the spring of 1967.  This song has been covered by  a number of different artists over the years, but only a handful became popular.  Cheryl’s version is one of them.  You can learn more about this song over at Wikipedia.

This version of the song, taught by Marty Schwartz in the video lesson below, is an easy beginner version of the song.  The chords you will need are:  D Major, G Major and A Major.  That is it. No other chords needed.  Below the tutorial, I have also included two versions of this song as performed by Sheryl Crow and Cat Stevens.  I am a little partial to Cat’s version, but Sheryl’s is nice as well.

The strumming pattern is also quite easy: DDD   DU (Where D= Down, U= Up).

Video Tutorial

As Performed by Cat Stevens