Fix You Coldplay Guitar Lesson.

Fix You is of course a song written and performed by the alternative rock band Coldplay from Britian.  The song was written by all members and appears on their album X&Y.  X&Y is Colplay’s third studio ablum released in June of 2005.

This song reached number 4 on the UK singles chart as well as number 18 on the US Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks.  I personally feel it should have done better than that, but I am a huge Colplay fan.

Learn more about the song over at Wikipedia.

Well on to the song lesson shall we!

Learn how to play the song “Fix You” by Coldplay with this free acoustic guitar tutorial taught by Marty Schwartz with

This song is originally played on piano and has been transposed to acoustic guitar.   You will be using a guitar capo on the third fret and the chord shapes you will need to know are:  C  Major, E Minor, A minor, G Major, G Sus4

Strumming Pattern:  D D D D U

Video Lesson

As Performed by Coldplay