God of wonders by Third Day Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the popular Christian Worship Song, “God of Wonders” by Third Day with this free guitar lesson.  God of Wonders appears on the album Offerings II: All I Have to Give released in 2003 and is one of the most well known Christian Songs of today and has been covered by several other artists, although Third Day was the first to release this song.

Like many other songs floating around online, there are several different ways to play this one.  The following version seems to be pretty accurate if you compare it to the original.  You be the judge.

This song is fairly easy and uses only basic open chords that you should have on trouble with.  Some of these chords may be new to you, but don’t worry.  The video lesson below does an excellent job of explaining everything.

Video Lesson

A big thanks to Mike for making this video lesson available.  To learn more about Mike and to view more of his Christian Worship Guitar Lessons, follow this link to view his YouTube Page.

As performed by Third Day:

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