Great Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners to Intermediate Players

Here is an effective and enjoyable lesson from David Taub with Next Level Guitar.  This is a great practice routine that you can add to your       daily routine. It will force you to work on things like chord changes, strumming patterns, rhythm and how to get some new and interesting sounds.

If you are an absolutely beginner, you may find this lesson a bit challenging as it is aimed at more experienced beginners to intermediate players.  No matter what level you are at currently, this routine will definitely take your playing to a new level.

It is very important to constantly challenge yourself with new things in order to improve your playing.  Once you begin learn these more challenging routines like complicated chord changes and barre chords for instance, the other stuff is going to seem like childs play.

This routine will involve a lot of chords, including both open and barre chords and you will be practicing how to change from one to the other. If you are not yet skilled enough to play barre chords, you can leave the out and just play the open chords.  I do however urge you to give the barre chords a try.  I know that many beginners often avoid the challenging stuff and never improve.  Don’t be that person. Push yourself and at least give it a conscientious effort.

What I love about David’s teaching style is that he makes guitar practice enjoyable.  He designs these practice routines so that they are musical and enjoyable to play so it actually feels like you are an accomplished guitarist and not so much a beginner.

Again, there are a lot of chords in this routine, but don’t let that intiimdiate you , even if you have never heard of these chords.  If you play the same chords, the same chord progressions, the same old strumming patterns, you will never improve.

Here are the chords you will need to know for the lesson:

E Major, Esus4, A Major, A Major Barre ChordAsus2,Asus4, D Major, Dsus2, Dsus4, C Major, Cmaj7,Cadd4, A Minor,  G Major, G Major Barre ChordGadd4, D Minor,  F Major,Fmaj7, Fsus4, B Minor, F# Major, C#m, G#, Ebm, Bb

Like I said, a ton of chords here.  What the video below and David will explain the rest.  I hope you enjoy and find this tutorial helpful.

What is your favorite practice routine?  Why not share how you practice your guitar in the comments box below.