Guitar Lesson- Get your Guitar in Tune

Here is an awesome beginner guitar lesson that teaches how to properly tune your guitar using what is known as the “5th Fret Technique”. This is a great technique to learn if you don’t have a guitar tuner handy or if you are just feeling adventurous and want to practice tuning on your own.

You should however invest in a quality guitar tuner if you don’t already have one. Having your own quality guitar tuner is definitely the easiest and most accurate way to tune your guitar and certainly more accurate than your own ear, but some of you may want your guitar in tune now, so here we go.

A little side note here.  If you don’t currently own a guitar tuner: Follow this link for a highly recommended, affordable guitar tuner!

Get Your Guitar in Tune

This video was created by one of my favorite guitar teachers on YouTube, Justin Sandercoe. Justin is an excellent teacher.

I highly recommend you visit Justin’s YouTube Profile for more awesome video lessons like the one above:

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Be sure to also check out his website by following the link below. On Justin’s site you can learn more about him as well as find more great lessons!

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