Here Comes The Sun By The Beatles – Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles with this free guitar lesson.  “Here Comes The Sun” was written by George Harrison from The Beatles 1969 Album, “Abbey Road“.  This song is one of Harrison’s most well remembered contributions to The Beatles and definitely one of The Beatles most popular songs. Learn more about the interesting history behind this song over at Wikipedia.


The following is a 2 part video lesson on this song created by Marty Schwartz.  This is by no means an easy song if you are just starting out, but Marty does an excellent job of thoroughly explaining how to play it.

Last thing before you start the lesson.  You are going to need a capo to play along with the videos below.  Don’t have a capo or even know what a capo is?  No worries.  Follow this link to learn how to use a guitar capo.

Here Comes The Sun Video Guitar Lesson

As Performed by The Beatles