How to Get More Out of Simple Chord Progressions

Here is a lesson from Steve Krenz with Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar.  It is a lesson from his monthly video Newsletter on how to get more out of simple chord progressions.

He starts the lesson by taking a look at a very simple open chord progression of D Major, G Major and A Major.  If you have been playing guitar for a little while now, chances are you have played this chord progressions many times in the basic open position.  How about trying something different with basic chords today?

For starters, we could take the same open D Major chord but instead of playing all of the strings in this chord, try playing just the top 3 notes.  For the next chord in the progression, the G Major, you would do the same thing by starting with a G Major Barre Chord shape but only playing the top 3 notes, same with the A Major.  Steve will demonstrate this in the video lesson below.

Another variation, on the same chord progression, would be to sort of arpeggiate the notes of each chord. This is just a fancy word for playing the notes of the chord one at a time as opposed to strumming the notes all at once.

Instead of playing the top notes of the chords in this chord progression, you could reverse it and play the bottom portion of the chords and rock it out with some power chords.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as chord variations are concerned. There is much more you can do and Steve will demonstrate this in the video lesson below.  Enjoy!

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