Learn How To Play Barre Chords Easily on the Guitar

Below is an awesome introductory video lesson that I came across while doing a search the other day.  Its a lesson created by guitarist and instructor Peter Vogl.  In this tutorial, Peter will show you step by step, an easier method to help master these challenging chords.

Bar chords are probably the most avoided, most despised aspect of learning guitar that beginners will face.  I know when I first started, I avoided them like the plague.  This is a huge mistake however.  The truth is, once you learn the best way to play these chords, you will realize they aren’t as difficult as you originally thought.

There are specific techniques and hand and finger placements, that Peter teaches below, that will have you wondering why you avoided them for so long.

In the video lesson below, Peter will be demonstrating the proper way to play these challenging but necessary chords. He will first use the G Major Barre Chord as an example.

Some key points to keep in mind are:

  • Place your other fingers on the appropriate notes  before you place your barre down
  • Keep your barre finger as close to the fret as possible
  • Your thumb placement should be about halfway down the back of the neck and between your index finger and your second finger
  • Adjust the height of your index finger until you find a position that you are most comfortable with and one where none of the strings are muted.

Next, he will teach you 3 more  important Barre Chord shapes that every beginner should learn, starting with G Minor, followed by C Major and lastly, C Minor.  It is important to note here that you aren’t just learning  4 new chords, you are learning 4 new SHAPES, shapes that are moveable.  This means, that the same shape can be played anywhere up and down the neck of the guitar.  For instance, the C Major shape that Peter demonstrated can be moved up 2 frets and  now becomes a D major.

I hope you find this video lesson  helpful.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments box below.  Enjoy!

A big thanks to the folks over at FreeGuitarVideos.com for providing this lesson! You can learn more about them and view more awesome video lesson over at their site by following This Link. Highly Recommended!