How to Play Lady Gaga Born this Way on Guitar

Learn how to play the song “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga on acoustic guitar with this free lesson from Marty Schwartz with

Born this way was written and produced by Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay, Jeppe Laursen and DJ White Shadow. It is from her second studio album “Born this Way”.   This song was conceived and developed while she was on the road during The Monster Ball Tour. Learn more about this song over at Wikipedia here.

This song wasn’t originally performed unplugged on acoustic guitar as it was intended to be a dance song, but it does sound quite nice on the acoustic as you will see in the video demonstration below.

For this particular version of the song, you will need to use a capo on the 2nd fret.  If you do not own a capo or even know what a capo is, check out this lesson on how to use a guitar capo.

This is a very easy song to play on acoustic guitar.  You will only need to know three basic chords and its the same three chords over and over throughout the entire song.  Just an all around fun easy beginner song.  These chords shapes are: E Major, D Major and A Major.

See the free lesson below to learn more.

Video Lesson

As Performed by Lady Gaga