JamPlay Guitar Lesson – Learn Piedmont Style Blues

In this lesson from JamPlay, instructor Eric Madis will teach you how to play a cool Piedmont Blues guitar song, in the style of Blind Willie McTell.

You will need to tune your guitar to a Drop D Tuning.  If you aren’t familiar with this tuning just watch the video below as Eric will demonstrate how to do this.

You will only need to know three chords for this song and those are D Major, G Major and A Major with some variations of those chords as well.  This song doesn’t have a typical blues structure, meaning it doesn’t have your typical blues turnaround.

If you haven’t had a lot of practice with finger style blues, this song will be a great introduction.  It isn’t too difficult for beginners and the instructor makes this lesson very easy to follow.   I hope you enjoy!

A really big thanks to the folks over at JamPlay as well as the instructor Eric Madis for making this awesome lesson available.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out JamPlay before, I highly recommend you take some time to visit the site.

JamPlay is a membership only site that broadcasts high quality video guitar lesson.  They have a structured curriculum that will take you from an absolute beginner teaching things like “how to tune your guitar” and “basic chords” to more advanced topics like hammer ons, pull offs and finger picking.  They have everything a serious musician needs to excel at guitar playing all conveniently packed into one site.  Click here to visit JamPlay Now