Learn a New Strumming Pattern & Chord Progression for Acoustic Guitar

Here is another great lesson taught by David Taub with Next Level Guitar.  I feature a lot of videos from these folks and with good reason.  I believe David and the folks over at Next Level Guitar are a group of excellent guitar instructors.  Their lessons are easy to follow and you can tell its not just about business.  They have a passion for playing guitar and a sincere interest in helping others.  That being said, you can learn more about them here by reading my David Taub Next Level Guitar Review, should you want to invest into your guitar playing.  After all, free lessons can only take you so far.

In the following video tutorial, David is going to teach you a very interesting chord progression/strumming pattern.  The purpose of this lesson is to break you away from playing the same old chords and progressions and teach you something new and challenging.

The chords he will be using in the lesson below are:  Am9, Gadd6, Fmaj7#11 and Em.  Not to worry, none of these are barre chords, but you may find the Gadd6 and Fmaj7#11 chord shapes a bit challenging at first.  They both have the same shape, so it is just a matter of playing the same shape at different locations on the neck.  David will demonstrate how to play every chord within this progression.

I hope this lesson proves to be helpful and forces you to try something new so that you can bring your guitar playing to the Next Level.  Enjoy!