Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar with Steve Krenz Review

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar With Steve Krenz

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Gold AwardThis review of Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz is a bit lengthy, but I want to make certain I provide you with as much information as possible before you buy this course.

I am an intermediate guitarist and have been playing guitar for roughly three years now. I learned how to play from home study courses and the Internet because I was never able to afford private lessons or music school.

I heard about Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar with Steve Krenz and thought I would give it a try.

After going through the entire course, I have absolutely nothing bad to say. It is that good.

Well on to the review and congrats on making it to this page. You have found a real person who actually OWNS this product and who is also a guitarist. So rest assured, this review will be an honest one.

First Thoughts – What’s In The Box?

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Gold Award

When I first received this DVD course, before I even removed the plastic wrapping, I knew it was going to be a quality product. Just the site of that beautiful package with the Gibson name in big white letters was enough to make me feel like a kid on Christmas Morning!

I quickly opened up the package and was blown away by what was inside.

Included in the box are (See Image on Left) :

  • 20 professionally produced DVDs (This includes bonus workshops for each session) filmed in HD with over 40 hours of instruction.
  • 5 Jam along CD’s
  • 100+ page lesson book.

And the lesson book isn’t some cheap booklet that was printed on someone’s home computer and stapled together. Its a beautiful, professionally made, high quality book that highlights what is covered on the DVD’s. Very convenient and helpful!

But there is more included in this package that isn’t inside the box.

There is a special Website link that you will learn about once you begin watching the course.

There you can:

  • Download another lesson book that accompanies the Bonus Workshops.
  • Visit the Student Support Forum and Community Site where you can build a student profile, post recordings of your songs, track your progress, and get feedback from Steve and other students. Steve Krenz, the author of Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar, is online regularly, answering questions and offering encouragement, as are other students.
  • Download the original lesson book that comes with the course
  • Download Chord Charts

Some Key Benefits of this Course

Professionally Produced DVD’s

The DVD’s in this course are professionally produced, filmed in HD format. I was very impressed with the superb quality of the picture and sound.

Even For Experienced Guitarists

Been playing for a while? Think this course isn’t for you? You may need to think again.

I have been playing guitar for several years now so I thought I would skip the first DVD on “Starting off Right” as I felt I already knew most of this material. It covers the parts of the guitar, names of the strings, etc. I am very happy that I decided to watch the first DVD because I learned something new.

I have been holding the guitar pick the wrong way all this time! That is just one example. There is much more in this course for experienced guitarists.

This Course Assumes You Know Nothing

What I immediately found appealing, after watching just the first DVD, is how Steve starts at the very beginning. He assumes you know nothing about how to play guitar. Some courses either skip over the basic fundamentals or quickly skim through them. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar doesn’t do this.

Steve Krenz – Awesome Teacher and Great Musician

What I also love is Steve’s teaching style. You can tell he has been doing this for a while. He teaches at a very slow and easy to follow pace making guitar learning easier for the absolute beginner.

Not only is Steve a great teacher, but he is also a very talented musician, and believe me, that is a difficult combination to find. You can find the most talented and knowledgeable guitarist in the world who is a terrible teacher. In order to be a good teacher you have to love teaching and that is clearly evident after watching Steve teach.

Steve is a trained musician with a degree in music and has a ton of professional playing experience. His experience is varied and includes everything from playing guitar with a symphony orchestra to performing with Grammy-winning artists. Steve has done it all, so rest assured you are getting top notch instruction with Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar.

Further down on this page are a few sample videos from the course where you can watch Steve play guitar.

Exercises & Assignments

Within each of the 20 sessions there are exercises that reinforce what was covered on the DVD’s. These exercises are very enjoyable and really help burn these key concepts into your brain. Also included in the sessions are assignments which I find extremely helpful as they tell you exactly what you need to know and practice.

Jam Tracks

Included with this course are 5 CD’s that contain over 100 Jam along tracks. Extremely helpful because you can practice even without the instructor and gain experience playing along with other musicians.

Watch Again and Again

This is one of the best benefits of this course. You can watch the material over and over and over again until the material sinks in. You can’t do that with private lessons.

What’s in the Course?

There is not enough room on this page to talk about all of the amazing content inside this course, but I will touch on some of the main sections.

The course is broken down by “Sessions” and there are 20 of them. Each session covers a specific key area designed to help you start playing guitar as quickly as possible, assuming you put in the recommended practice time.

Guitar Fundamentals

As I said at the beginning of this review, this course starts at the very beginning teaching the most basic fundamentals of guitar playing like the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, right and left hand technique, how to tune your guitar, how to read chord charts and more.

Guitar Theory

Guitar theory, while something many beginners shy away from, is an extremely important aspect of guitar playing that will help you become a well rounded musician. Not all home study courses teach guitar theory, but Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar does and does it in a way that is easy to follow and enjoyable. Steve covers the basics of guitar theory in the beginning of the course and then slowly introduces more advanced concepts as the course progresses.


You will learn a great deal about chords in this course. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is one of the most comprehensive courses on chords that I have ever seen. Steve teaches you how to play your basic open chords, barre chords, power chords and advanced chords like augmented and alternated bass chords.

I really enjoyed the sections on barre chords. Steve provides some awesome tips that will have you playing barre chords much faster. I wish I had this information when I started playing!

Strumming & Rhythm Guitar

This is another area that I thought I didn’t need any help with, but once again, I was wrong. There is a secret to great strumming as Steve points out in the course. If you want to be a good rhythm guitarist, proper strumming techniques are essential and that is exactly what Steve will teach you.

You will learn very basic strumming techniques to advance strumming techniques that will really bring your guitar playing to another level.

Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar

This is one of my favorite styles of guitar, but one I always struggled with. I struggled because I wasn’t armed with the proper techniques and Steve shows you the keys to playing great fingerstyle and classical guitar.

Scales & Soloing

This course isn’t designed for rhythm guitarists only. If you have always dreamed of becoming a solo guitarist, then you can finally begin to realize that dream with this course. Steve covers pentatonic scales, which are a great foundation for great guitar solos. He then goes further into detail covering basic soloing concepts, qualities of a good solo and more.

Blues Guitar

Who doesn’t love the Blues? It is so appealing to beginners because it is one of the easier genres to learn but also one of the most beautiful sounding. You will learn all about the blues scale and how you can create awesome blues solos from it. You will also learn about blues chord progressions, triads and more.

Jazz Guitar

Jazz is one of the more complicated genres of music to master on guitar, one that I always loved but shied away from because I felt it was far too difficult to learn. Steve puts things in perspective and puts Jazz Guitar in reach for everyone. You will learn popular jazz chords, chord progressions and more.

Guitar Techniques

Hammer ons, pull offs, bends, sliding…. You will learn how to do all of these and more after taking this course. Steve will show you how to give your guitar playing extra style and pizzazz.

Sample Video Lessons From The Course

The Secret To Great Strumming

Here is a sample chapter from “The Secret To Great Strumming” Session

Reading Music & Notes on the 1st & 2nd Strings

Here is a sample chapter from the “Rhythm and Rests” Session

Jazz Guitar

Here is a sample chapter from the “Jazz” Session

Final Words

As I said earlier, there is far too much content in this course to mention in this review. You and I would literally be here all day. So why not just get your hands on this course right now and finally Learn & Master Guitar. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by investing in this course.

Trust me, I procrastinated for a very long time and I am so happy I decided to finally get my hands on this course and you will be too.

Learn and Master Guitar Right Now!

Does the cost of this course scare you away? Well it shouldn’t…

Think about what you would pay for traditional private lessons. Private lessons can cost $30 or more per half hour session. That’s over $100 a month and over $1,000 a year!

When you compare the cost of private lessons to the cost of Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz, the choice is obvious. Besides, Legacy Learning Systems offers an affordable payment plan for those on a tight budget, so you have no excuses!

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