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My name is Ralph and I am the founder and webmaster of this website,  I started playing guitar roughly three years ago and it wasn’t until last year that my guitar playing abilities really began to skyrocket, and it was all because of Next Level Guitar.

Next Level Guitar is one of the best guitar courses available online today, period.  I am not saying all of this to hype this product up.  There is enough of that going around online already.  I am saying this, because I honestly believe that Next Level Guitar is going to change your guitar playing life!   There is no system online that comes close as far as simplicity and fun are concerned.

Next Level Guitar is jam packed with an assortment of awesome instructional videos .  They have produced everything from learning guitar chords to playing full songs . The song lessons are my favorite.  I have learned so many new songs since joining.  Enough to keep my friends and family entertained for hours!

Next Level Guitar does not use old worn out methods that will leave your bored and frustrated.  You will learn the essential fundamentals of guitar playing that are required to build a solid foundation and enable you to progress much quicker than any other instructional DVD learning systems out there. You will learn rock solid principles and techniques and how to avoid developing bad habits that can really be a detriment to your guitar playing.

Next Level Guitar includes methods that are often overlooked in other programs, like “Structure” for instance,  so you know exactly how and what to practice. Included are easy to follow practice routines to ensure you are practicing the right things and not wasting your time. Next Level Guitar uses popular songs as vehicles to learn strumming, new chords, rhythm, timing, and chord changes. All essential building blocks to learning the guitar.

Everything is taught in an easy to follow and fun manner so that you are never bored or confused. Practice is no longer like practice, but rather a fun and enjoyable way to learn guitar. This teaching methodology has helped hundreds and hundreds of guitar players all over the world.

These methods really work!

They are fun and will have you playing the guitar fast!

I give Next Level Guitar two huge thumbs up!   Head on over to their site today and start taking your guitar playing to the Next Level!

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