Nirvana – In The Pines – Where Did You Sleep Last Night Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the song “In the Pines“ also known as “Where Did you Sleep Last Night” as performed by Nirvana with this free guitar lesson. “In the Pines” is actually a traditional American Folk Song dating back to the 1870′s and was only covered by Nirvana as well as a variety of other artists in various Genres. You can learn more about this song over at Wikipedia.

In the original recording, this song is tuned a 1/2 step down from standard tuning.  Marty teaches it in standard tuning however to make things easier as you are more than likely in standard tuning at the moment.  After you learn the song, you can tune your guitar a half step down and try it again. Follow this link to learn how to tune your guitar a 1/2 step down.

This lesson in the video below is taught using power chords which Marty will demonstrate, but you can also get away with playing the following chords: E Minor, A Major, G Major and B Major.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night Guitar Lesson

A big thanks to Marty Schwartz for sharing this video lesson. Marty is an amazing guitar player and one of the best guitar instructors online. If you are serious about learning to play the guitar, you should definitely check out his website and sign up to receive his free beginner ebook or make a small investment for his Members Only Cluband get access to over 640 of his online video lessons. I can’t recommend Marty’s Website enough.

As Performed by Nirvana

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