Open String Acoustic Guitar Technique

Here is a great lesson from the folks over at Guitar Tricks that teaches you how to take advantage of the full sound that the acoustic guitar is capable of producing.

Even an absolute beginner will be able to take advantage of this guitar playing technique because it uses simple open chord shapes that you may already be familiar with.  But instead of being restricted to the first few frets of your guitar, you will be playing these simple chord shapes on other areas of your fretboard.

It is amazing how a simple change in location can produce such a beautiful sound.

You will have to watch the video below to learn more.  I hope you enjoy this lesson as much as I did.

Open String Technique From Guitar Tricks

Thanks to the folks over at Guitar Tricks for this free video lesson.  Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular sites for online video guitar lessons. What sets them apart from the rest is their curriculum of 1500 videos, that starts from the very beginning from “How Do I Hold a Pick?” to advanced courses that cover blues, rock and country. I have been a member of Guitar Tricks now for over 6 months and it really is one of the best online learning systems out there.  For a very small monthly fee, you can become a member too.   Read more about GuitarTricks.Com Here.