Son of God by Starfield Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the Christian Worship song  “Son of God” by Starfield with this free guitar lesson. “Son Of God” is from the album “Beauty in the Broken” released in 2006.

This is a fairly easy song to play and only uses beginner guitar chords. There may be one or two of these chords that you may not already know, but the video below should clear that up for you.

Son of God Guitar Lesson

A big thanks to Starfield and NewSongCafe for making the video lesson below available!  You can learn more about NewSongCafe by visiting there YouTube Page here. What a wonderful treat it was to find this awesome video on YouTube!  It is not often that you find an artist teaching you how to play their songs, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem on YouTube of Starfield teaching us how to play one of their most popular songs!  Enjoy!

As performed by Starfield:

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