Steps to Changing Guitar Strings – Electric & Acoustic

Changing your guitar strings can be a difficult undertaking if you are a beginner and are not sure what you are doing. Many beginners frown upon the idea and usually pay professionals to change their strings. But why? With the proper guidance and practice, you can be changing your strings in no time and save a lot of money in the process. I have included two excellent videos below that will provide you with all the necessary instructions on both an acoustic and electric guitar.

The most important part of the string changing process is the strings. Make certain you purchase quality guitar strings. It really isn’t worth it to save a bit of money on poor quality strings as it will adversely affect your playing experience.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

For acoustic guitar, my favorite strings are from Martin and I prefer the medium weight strings. They produce a wonderful sound. They are quite strong and can stand up to my heavy playing. I do not personally like light strings. They are much easier to play, but I do not like the sound they produce. If you are just starting out however, and have not built up enough strength in your hands and have not developed callouses, then you may have to use light strings for a while. Once your hands are stronger and you have developed callouses, you can then upgrade to medium strings. It really is a matter of personal preference though. I had to experiment with a bunch of different strings before I found the ones that I am most comfortable with.

Electric Guitar Strings

For electric guitar strings, I prefer D’Addario. I have been using this brand of strings ever since I began playing electric guitar and have never felt the need to look elsewhere. As far as the thickness of the the strings are concerned, the same holds true for electric guitar as does the acoustic guitar. A thicker string is going to produce a better quality sound but it is going to be more difficult to play, so again, I like to use a medium weight string with electric as well. You have to experiment with electric guitar strings as well to find the one you are most comfortable with. I hope this at least gives you a good starting point on choosing the right strings.

Now on to the changing guitar strings videos:

Steps to Changing Guitar Strings on the Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to change your acoustic guitar strings the pro way with Justin Sandercoe.

Part 1

Part 2

Steps to Changing Guitar Strings on the Electric Guitar

Learn how to change your electric guitar strings the pro way with Justin Sandercoe.

Part 1

Part 2

These videos were created by one of my favorite guitar teachers on YouTube, Justin Sandercoe. Justin is an excellent teacher.

I highly recommend you visit Justin’s YouTube Profile for more awesome video lessons like the ones below:

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I hope you enjoyed this beginner guitar lesson on how to change your guitar strings. Just take your time and practice and it will become second nature.