Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the song Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter with this free country guitar lesson. This lovely ballad was written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison and was released in August of 1996. It is from the album  Did I Shave My Legs for This? Strawberry Wine eventually made it to Number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks Chart.  You can read more about this song over at Wikipedia.

There are several different versions of this song floating around, but in this particular lesson, we will focus on learning how to play Strawberry Wine with your capo on the 1st Fret. I have included links to a couple of different versions of this song below under Additional resources.  Try them all and see which one sounds the best to you.

For this version of the song, you will need to know the following chord shapes: C Major, F Major, G Major and A Minor.  Click each link for a lesson on how to play each chord.

As Performed by Deana Carter

Video Lesson From YouTube:

Additional Resources

More Information About This Song From Wikipedia

Strawberry Wine Guitar Chords

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