Teach Yourself How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Is it possible to teach yourself how to play acoustic guitar? 20 years ago I would have said no, but since the advent of the Internet, anything is possible. There are so many fantastic online resources that will easily provide any beginner guitarist with all of the resources necessary to teach yourself how to play acoustic guitar. Many of these resources are free and some are not. It really depends on how quickly you would like to learn. Below are both free resources including websites and links to video lessons as well as the three best selling home study courses that I highly recommend, in the event you want to learn guitar faster.

Home Study Courses/Membership Sites


Learn and Master Guitar is an all-inclusive easy to understand instructional guitar series that is designed to take the absolute beginner guitarist through the most fundamental concepts of playing guitar. Learn & Master Guitar is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. It consists of 20 professionally produced DVDs, 5 Jam-Along CDs, a 100+ page lesson book, and a free online student support site. It is the only guitar home study product you’ll ever need.

Learn and Master Guitar


Next Level Guitar includes methods that are sometimes overlooked in other guitar courses, like “STRUCTURE“ so you know exactly what to practice. Included are easy to follow practice routines to ensure you are practicing the right things and not wasting your time. Next Level Guitar uses popular songs as vehicles to learn strumming, new chords, rhythm, timing, and chord changing.

Learn more about Next Level Guitar Here.

JAMORAMA ACOUSTIC – The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Learning System

Jamorama Acoustic comes with 153 video lessons and is packed with tips and tricks to get the student playing in the shortest time possible. The thing about Jamorama Acoustic that sets it apart from all other courses is that it is an integrated learning kit with lessons, games and practice jam tracks put together in a way that gets tangible results fast. Every aspect of the course from the way it is downloaded, to the way lessons are laid out, to the Acoustic Jam Tracks that come with the course makes Jamorama Acoustic easy and fun to use.

Learn More about Jamorama Acoustic Here.


JamPlay.com is hitting it big in the guitar world. Their website is a membership only service which broadcasts high-definition video guitar lessons. They have brought together guitar instruction with interactivity… even allowing you to ask questions to their video instructors. They feature 4-5 guitar instructors to give you a selection in teaching methods, which is a big plus.

They teach by “lesson set” instead of just flopping out a ton of small video clips. They start with the very basics like tuning your guitar, finger placement, and basic chords, and move on to finger-picking, palm muting, hammer ons, pull offs, and many more advanced topics as you progress through the lessons. We found this surprisingly good for the overall experience, because you can follow through these lesson sets just how you would with a normal guitar teacher. Biggest thing is, it’s cheap as well because they get so many members.

Click here to visit JamPlay.


Not ready to invest in a home study course just yet? Not a problem. There are plenty of free teaching lessons online for the self taught guitar player.

Below are my top 4 website picks for acoustic guitar players. Of course my top pick is learn-acoustic-guitar.com (the site you are on right now), but you already knew I would say that.

Here are the others:





http://www.youtube.com – For YouTube, there are three users that I recommend you follow: JustinSandercoe , rockongoodpeople, and guitarjamzdotcom

Well there you have it. Plenty of resources for you to teach yourself how to play acoustic guitar. Be sure to bookmark this post and return at least twice a month, as I plan on adding new resources often.