Wild Thing as Performed by the Troggs Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “Wild Thing” as performed by “The Troggs”, in this free video guitar lesson.  This song was actually written by a song writer by the name of Chip Taylor and was originally recorded by the “Wild Ones” in 1965.  It was then recorded and made popular by “The Troggs”. It was launched to number 1 in 1966 on the Bilboard Hot 100 List.  Learn more about this song by visiting Wikipedia.

For this song you are going to need to know three chords:   A Major, D Major and E Major (Click the links for lesson on how to play each chord).  These chord are fairly easy to learn and play if you are just starting out.  The only chord that might give you some trouble is the A Major chord as you have to squeeze three fingers on the same fret. If you have big fingers like me, it may take some practice to get a clean sound.

Video Lesson From YouTube

A big thanks to John for making this awesome video lesson available!  You can learn more about John and see more of his video guitar lesson by clicking here to reach his page over at YouTube.  I really like the way John breaks this video down by demonstrating three different strumming patterns for this song, from beginner to advanced.

As performed by the Troggs

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